Who Went Home on ‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Week 7? Find Out!

The ep started out rocky, too – host Chris Harrison disappeared for most of the show (maybe he hates IN?!), and Benopened things up by asking Lauren B. out on a one-on-one date, face to face… IN front of ALL the other girls!! Because-say it with us-there’s no place like home!

Before we even get to that though, there’s the farm group date, another one for the books in terms of awkwardness. This made the other women a little uneasy. Their chemistry is off the charts once again and Lauren admits she’s fallen in love with Ben. “We’ve had great conversations but other than that, there’s nothing that I felt like, ‘oh there’s a huge difference for what he feels for me versus these other girls'”. She and Ben continued the date, leaving Becca and Caila behind.

“I battle with my feelings with someone else going on a one-on-one date now, and somewhere I picked up this other feeling where I want that to be me”, Becca proclaims.

Then Ben took her to a carnival where it seemed the entire town of Warsaw had turned out to welcome them and to gawk at them as they kissed.

All right, back to the show. She seems to be very calm and well-mannered, and that seems to be what Ben Higgins loves most about her.

The globe-trotting audition to be Ben’s wife suffers a staggering rain delay this week in his hometown of Warsaw, Indiana, but at least his parents are around to offer moral support and vague “how could you do this to us” undercurrents.

And we’re so happy for you! She also whispers to Ben, “Just don’t blindside me”. Meanwhile, JoJo and Higgins played at Wrigley Field, the stadium of the Chicago Cubs, the latter’s favorite baseball team.

“I’m more myself around JoJo than any other woman in my life”. “I don’t feel safe enough to give him my heart just yet”, she says.

However, JoJo’s holding back. JoJo wasn’t scared anymore. In contrast to Lauren, Jojo is a bit more hesitant to falling head over heels for Ben. Just seeing him hang out with these kids? Vegas cocktail waitress Emily won’t find any solace in Ben’s Midwestern mom, who stares incredulously at the blonde alien baby her son has inexplicably dragged home between his teeth. Giving this person a rose also meant that Ben would meet their families next week. Nope. Instead, Bentakes her to…

“You’ve made this commitment and you’ve stuck to it, that’s the most impressive thing”, Ben told Becca in Week 4.

One-on-one dates in Warsaw include one of the women meeting Higgins’ parents and Indiana Pacers players joining Higgins and another of the women at Baker Youth Club where Higgins volunteered as a teenager. An insider revealed that Ben Higgins has left a finalist totally crushed after telling her that he loves her and then breaks her heart.

On the boat ride home, Emily is overjoyed about the experience at Ben’s house while Ben appears uncertain.

Mom and dad can tell Ben’s excited, but they can only keep him for so long before he has to go catch up with the women.

And, Emily had absolutely no idea. Ben filled his parents in on all of the girls and the major points of his emotional week.

So what super awesome date does Lauren get to enjoy?

But ultimately, Ben said he just couldn’t see it, and he drove Emily back to where the girls were staying and broke the news. So in case you were wondering, I’ve officially found my personal hell.

“I said ‘Please don’t blind side me”, Becca said.

Perhaps Becca and Caila would have been less upset had they known that the rest of Amanda’s date would be… a giant commercial for McDonald’s! As Ben walks her to the auto, Becca demands to know why he did that. This on a week when every rose that Ben gave out signified a visit to that woman’s family, which increased the tension. Lauren B. share a wonderful, fun-filled afternoon of sightseeing, visiting local food trucks and grabbing a drink at a genuine whiskey museum.

We don’t see much of it. The relationships between the contestants are only given significant screen time to heighten the drama.

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