Texas GOP Chairman Robert Morrow is Obsessed with Conspiracy Theories and Breasts

Robert Morrow, who calls his “true expertise” his belief that the Central Intelligence Agency killed President John F. Kennedy, used profanity Wednesday as he challenged party leaders who are seeking to invalidate his primary victory that positions him to become the next leader of the Travis County Republican Party.

The party’s vice-chair, Matt Mackowiak, has explicitly pledged to do everything he can to remove Morrow from office, or at least limit his power.

As the battle for control of the Travis County GOP heats up, and its newly elected chair writes increasingly raunchy tweets at breakneck speed, Gov. Greg Abbott has stepped into the fray to condemn his fellow Republican.

From revealing he’s “circumcised” to tweeting about his “incredible urges to lick peanut butter off of Hillary Clinton”, Robert Morrow is another gem in the Republican Party. He emails media outlets daily on these subjects and others. “It is probably very likely that the vast majority of those people were, in fact, unfortunately guessing and guessed wrong”.

“I am treating this as a coup and as a hostile takeover”, said Mackowiak. That is what I know what to do very well.

However, it’s Morrow’s social media presence, particularly on Twitter, that has the Travis County GOP looking for every possible method to make sure Morrow doesn’t serve as chairman come June.

“He’s done nothing in his past that showed that he cares about electing Republicans to office”.

It’s not those comments from Morrow that have the rest of the GOP’s panties in a bunch.

“We have someone who ran here who absolutely has no intention of serving the Republican Party with leadership and faithfulness”, Mackowiak said.

America’s foremost Hillary Clinton conspiracy theorist and co-author of a book with former Trump aide Roger Stone was elected chairman of Texas’ Travis County GOP on Tuesday evening. But the party chairman is ultimately responsible for how the election goes.

Morrow also explained his penchant for sexually suggestive tweets.

“I like attractive women, I celebrate feminine beauty”, Morrow added.

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