The Shadow Moses project has been officially cancelled

In October 2015, a fan began work on remaking Metal Gear Solid (the original game) using Unreal Engine 4.

“We have to cancel the Shadow Moses Project for reasons beyond our control”, said the developer on the project’s Facebook page. No clarification was given on that vague reasoning, but the statement did end by thanking everyone for their support. Dubbed Project Shadow Moses, from the island featured in the game, the behemoth – unofficial – undertaking by Airam Hernandez was impressive to say the least. If a remake of MGS1 would be developed for PS4, it will most surely be epic. But as it turns out this won’t happen and the project has been cancelled. Konami might have some other plans in the future if they’re going to do a remake of MGS1 or probably they’ll just make Metal Gear Solid VI. Some IP holders choose to let the fan projects go unchecked, and a few even promote those remakes, but the majority tends to shoot them down.

Sad news for Metal Gear Solid fans, it looks like the Shadow Moses Project is cancelled. Konami owns the rights to the IP and nobody else is allowed to make a video game on the Metal Gear franchise apart from them.

Most gamers aren’t surprised at this news either given that Konami is not like Valve, and it was pretty obvious that based on the history of how they treated Hideo Kojima, who was obviously their most recognized employee, why would they be more lenient or accommodating to a random modder?

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