5 Reasons Why The Food You Eat Influences Your Sleep

Your dietary habits do have an influence on your sleep.  Certain nutrients in the food you consume can either keep you awake or promote sleep.  The time that elapsed between your last meal and bedtime can also have an influence on a good night’s sleep.  The food and drink you have throughout the day can even have a say at bedtime.

5 Ways In Which Food Influences Your Sleep:

  1. The Influence of the food and drink you have throughout the day: All the food we eat and fluids we drink during the day provide nutrients.  Your brain needs proper nutrients to produce the correct chemical environment that is needed to maintain adequate sleep.
  2. Eating more sugar and saturated fats during the day: More fat and sugar during the day is linked to a less restorative sleep, a lighter sleep, with waking ever so often during the night.
  3. Do not take a Night-cap before bedtime: A glass of alcohol, red wine, whiskey, sherry, etc. will definitely make you drowsy.  However, later in the night, it can actually disturb your sleep and also lessen the quality of your sleep.
  4. Avoid Spicy, Fatty, and Heavy Food too close to Bedtime: These foods are more difficult to digest and can also cause indigestion before bedtime or even when you are sleeping.  It makes it harder for your body to relax enough to be able to fall asleep.
  5. Drink enough water during the day: You body does not function well without enough water.  All actions in your body need water to function properly.  A lack of water can cause a dry mouth or nasal passages which can cause snoring.  But, do not drink a whole bottle of water just before bedtime that will wake you to go to the toilet.  Stay hydrated throughout the day.

The conclusion is that your body needs certain things to calm down enough to get to sleep.  During sleep, your body temperature drops.  Drowsiness after a heavy meal can occur because it takes energy and time to digest, and your temperature can still be slightly elevated.

Certain foods do promote better sleep and others should be avoided.

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