Nutrition Guides

The following videos are intended to give you an idea on how to make good, better, best, choices when you eat.  All foods are divided into different food groups, giving different types of nutritional benefits.

A Little Information and Guidance on how to Plan a Meal:

MyPlate Nutrition Guide

The video will help you to understand how to decide what food you should choose when you plan a meal.  It will also serve as a guide on what nutrients, and how much of each, you will need daily.

Choose MyPlate Dietary Guidelines

The dietary guidelines will help you to fill up plate after plate with delicious, nutritiously, healthy food.

Top 10 Healthiest Vegetables

“We are what we eat” is a saying that people like to quote when they need to promote eating something nobody likes to eat.  But it actually is true.  When you eat your vegetables, you will stay healthy.

Top 10 Fruits

Eating healthy is not really that difficult and do not include just foods you usually think of as healthy.  Fruits are a good way to increase your intake of healthy nutrients and they taste great.

Top 10 Healthiest Foods in the World

This video shows that healthy food does not have to be the foods with the nastiest taste.  This list actually includes only 2 vegetables and even dark chocolate.

These Nutrition guides provide you with lots of good advice on how to plan your meals, what kind of food to buy when grocery shopping, and on how to get the best from each meal you eat.

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