Google Gives 2G Free Storage Among Google Drive Users

Google is also encouraging users to check their Google account and privacy settings.

“With an increase in the number of users coming online and the rise in the penetration of smartphone users in India, we at Google are committed to offering users a safe Internet experience”.

Just visit this account security checkup to begin the process and claim your 2GB of Drive space.

The recovery information makes sure the user’s recovery phone and email are accurate, and allows for an update in the security question.

In celebration of Safer Internet Day on February 9, Google Drive wants to make you an offer you can’t refuse. This could include Android games, chat programs or other miscellaneous services.

Users can also take privacy and security check-ups that provide step-by-step guides to the most important privacy and security settings.

Wait, you had no idea it was Safer Internet Day? The offer is for only valid for one day where Google is giving out the free storage capacity on the occasion of Safer Internet Day 2016. The only catch is that the users have to let Googleperform a security audit of their account.

Google Drive is a useful tool, but you can always use more space.

This isn’t just a random thing Google is doing.

The changes are set to be rolled out to all Google Drive users in stages over the next two weeks, according to Google. You should ideally see a list of computers and smartphones that you have used to login to your Google account.

After checking up those devices, the user can proceed to disable access for less secure apps which is optional. The “Digital License” ensures students understand how to use digital devices, social networking and search engines, as well as how to interact with friends and strangers, manage their finances and create and share information online safely. The company is also asking users to use more complicated passwords so that their accounts are not hacked. Other than my phones showing up prior, this section showed me my Chromecast, Chromebook, Google Glass, and a bunch of applications.

The last step is to check what services have the permission to access your Google account.