Why Do We Eat?  Is It All About The Food?  Shouldn’t We Place More Emphasis On Eating Together Than Just The Food And Eating?

Most Families have a picky-eater or two that will cause problems at every meal time.  The actual reason for their problems with the meal might turn out to be not about the food.  Trying to force someone to eat something they don’t want to will not ensure that they will eat in future.

Why do We Eat?

We eat because our bodies need nourishment.  When you are hungry, your body tells you it needs fuel.  It does not specify what kind of food you should eat, it just sends the message.  Normally we like to eat the foods that we favour because of the enjoyment we experience in tasting it.

When we eat we do not always think about the number of nutrients each meal will deliver.  We only need to still the hunger.

Is it all about the Food?

It does matter what you eat.  It also matters how you prepare your food and it definitely matters when and how you are going to eat it.  But, the whole process of eating is not all about food, a lot of factors influence the concept of preparing and eating food.

Normally a lot of effort goes into preparing food for your family or friends.  You choose the best available.  You think about what the eaters like and do not like, and then you plan a meal according to that likes and dislikes.  And all is done to please the persons eating.

But it is not all about the food.

Placing the Emphasis on Being Together:

Yes, we have to eat to keep our bodies nourished.  Yes, we have to make good, better, best, food choice to gain all the nutrients to stay healthy.  But do you think of either of these things when you prepare a meal for friends or family?

Mostly you will not think about nutrients, etc. when you think about the food you want to prepare.  You will think about what everybody likes to eat.  You will think about how to please everyone with something they like to eat.  You will think about how best to prepare the meal.  You will give lots of thought on how to make the whole meal pleasant for all.

You will want everyone present to enjoy their time together, enjoying the food, but because they are together.  Not focusing on the food itself, but focusing on eating, whatever is on the plate, enjoying each other’s company.

And that is how you can try to get your picky eaters to eat the things they do not trust, you take the focus off the food.  Focus on the togetherness, on other things that do not pertain to food and eating.

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