Open source PHP framework – Laravel Overview

Open source PHP framework – Laravel Overview Open Source PHP Framework is a specification of free and open-source software. In simple terms, these are open-sourced platforms that allow you to quickly start developing features from the ground up. For example, it served as the base for creating the Laravel Framework. Open Source projects have served as a part of the foundations developed into high-quality, enterprise-level code bases. Usually, developers will build a framework from the ground up due to a solid design and codebase. However, the introduction of Laravel Frameworks has allowed corporate developers across The right Laravel development company to use it as a cheaper and better option because they can use all features without licensing restrictions. Therefore, an overview of the Laravel PHP framework is provided in this article.   Advantages of Laravel Framework Laravel provides a lot of conveniences with the main focus on ease of use and flexibility. It is designed to be fast and easy […]

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