Taking loans for your urgent requirements is something that everyone is familiar with. There is a particular process of both lending and repayment of loans. But there are many types among these loans, which are quite hard to understand for a normal person. Some most common types include Mortgage loans, Credit card loans and Quick loans facilities. Mortgage loans are loans used to purchase property as an investment. 

On the other hand, a quick loan is a revolving line of credit for things like TV purchases and furniture shopping. Lastly, a credit card loan is borrowed money that can be applied to consumer goods such as computers or cars with interest rates of up to 34% APR. A brief insight on the few differences between these three commonly used loan types is provided here. You can get better information on platforms like Bondora.

  • Mortgage Loan System

A mortgage loan is a loan used to purchase property as an investment. The borrower receives property title as collateral until the borrower pays off the mortgage loan. The lender often uses the unpaid debt to invest his money and profit from it by charging interest. Mortgage loans are often used for home purchases but can also be taken for other purposes such as purchasing rental properties or commercial properties. A common institution through which mortgages are issued is a bank, but it may also be issued by non-bank lenders, including finance companies or credit unions. Some mortgages are insured against loss by a government agency (see government-backed mortgage). 

  • Quick Loan Facility

A quick loan is a revolving line of credit for TV purchases and furniture shopping. A quick loan is unsecured, which means that the lender that provides you with this money does not demand anything in return, unlike a secured loan. This kind of loan is considered high risk and thus has a higher interest rate compared with other types of loans. Fast cash loans, also called payday loans, are small, short term loans for people with little or no credit history that need money fast. These can be used to pay bills or even rent but should not fund something else.

  • Credit Card Loan System

Credit card loans are borrowed money that can be applied to consumer goods such as computers, cars and furniture with up to 34% APR. Credit cards are issued by private banks (commercial banks etc.), and credit cards often can be used for buying all types of goods. The main difference is between a charge card, where the cardholder is charged a certain amount every month. The debit card facility offers the amount debited from the bank account. These are the most easily and commonly accessed loans.

There are some differences among these three, but in the end, they all end up paying you money for your needs. After going through the simple definition of different types of loans on Bondora, you will have a better chance of making the best choice for your requirements.